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The Smart Choice for Multistorey Window Cleaning


Safer, Quicker, Thorough

High Rise Window and Facade Cleaning

Experience the efficiency and safety of our cutting-edge Drone Technology combined with progressive pressure washing techniques. Our method revolutionises tall building window and façade cleaning by eliminating the need for traditional equipment like abseilers, ropes, cradles, and skylifts.

Over five times faster, ensuring easier access to hard-to-reach glazed areas, DroneClean redefines exterior cleaning for next generation facilities management.

Smart cleaning for Smart glass.

About us

Andrew Maher has more than 25 years of experience in utility inspection and hygiene, including managing a successful commercial window cleaning enterprise.

Droneclean is the culmination of over a year of Research & Development as well as training, reflecting his commitment to this groundbreaking system.

The business is fully insured for Residential & Commercial Cleaning.

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