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Drone Spray-S

The Aerobotic Spray-S, our hexacopter capable of lifting 12 kg in scenario 1 and 3, with an autonomy of 35 minutes per battery, and able to withstand rain (IP64 approval). Limited to 30 meters in height.


Drone Spray-L

The big brother of the Spray-S, the Spray-L is a hexacopter capable of transporting up to 18kg of load in scenario 1 and 3, for 35 minutes by battery, also resistant to rain (IP64 approval). Limited to 60 meters in height.

Spray boom

Spray pump

Radio control

Smart battery

Our mission
Development and marketing of flight controller for UAV (Drone) designed by AEOTIC ®
AEOTIC® is a subsidiary of AIRVOLIA ® for the marketing of AEROBOTIC ® drones for spraying and spreading.

Our goal :

Give you access to the drone tool for specific applications to facilitate human work and reduce the risk of incidents and accidents.
We are constantly developing applications specific to spraying, spreading and dropping.

Our machines
They are IP 64 and resistant to acids
It is possible to spray in Captive mode or in Autonomous mode depending on the type of mission to be carried out.
AEROBOTIC ® Spray S or Spray L Drones are equipped with numerous options:
High and low pressure ramps, Karcher, long and short, load carrying.
Movement management is managed very easily and the distance from the surface to be sprayed is easily configured.
Increased stability to make his brothers pale.
A flight time of 25 to 40 minutes depending on models and loads carried.

Discover our applications through our demonstration videos.

In agricultural and mosquito control disinfestation the AGRI-X4
The AEROBOTIC Agri-X4 drone equipped with a tank with a capacity of 10 liters for a total weight of 25 kg is capable of spraying a liquid or spreading a solid of different particle sizes.
Equipped with a flight controller of very high reliability and stability, it is possible to spray or spread in automatic mode with adjustment of the spacing of the passage strips.

The AEROBOTIC AgriX4 Drone provides access to the configuration of numerous options:
Spray or spreading rate, speed and height of movement.

Discover our applications through our demonstration videos.

Our technology
Our drones, in addition to being IP 64, benefit from our latest flight controller with triple redundancy IMU, a double CPU and double barometer.

When an abnormality occurs in the navigation system sensor, the system immediately switches to another set of sensors to ensure safe flight.

Management of trajectories, speed and height of movement can be managed during the programmed flight.

Autonomy increased by advanced study combinations: propellers, motors and smart batteries.

These components come from the very latest generations

Find out through our demonstration videos.


Industrial drone specialized in spraying and spreading:
moss removal from roofs and facades, maintenance of photovoltaic panels, mosquito control, disinfestation (mosquitoes, caterpillars, hornets, flies, etc.)
A range of additional tools is offered for spreading and releasing in the agricultural sector.

Our range is DGAC S1 S2 AND S3 approved.

Drone spraying training
Over a period of 3 days.
For professional remote pilots.

Possible for unconfirmed remote pilots with a visit to our CATT + practical center (professional drone remote pilot)

Agricultural training for spreading by drone
Over a period of 3 days.
For professional remote pilots.

Possible for non-experienced remote pilots with a visit to our CATT + practice center (professional drone remote pilot)

This training is carried out in addition to the trainer, with an agricultural professional to answer all technical questions.

For more information contact Drone Clean

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