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Drone Clean operate under licence to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) which has been the dynamic centrepiece of aviation safety and environmental protection in Europe for over 20 years. 


What is a specific UAS (drone) operation relative to Civil Drones?

A drone can be operated in the ‘specific’ category when it is operated outside of the operational limitations laid out under the ‘open’ drone category. If the risk of the operation is even higher, the drone must be operated in the ‘certified’ category. Hereafter you can find information only on the drone’s specific category.

Examples of UAS operations in the ‘specific’ category are:

BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line Of Sight
When using a drone with MTOM (maximum take of mass) > 25 kg
flying higher than 120m above ground level
when dropping material
when operating drone in an urban environment with a MTOM> 4 kg or without a class identification label

Registration of drone operators

As for the open category, all drone operators in the specific category need to register themselves (not the actual drone/s). If the operator is already registered (e.g. because they operate a drone in the open category) there is no need to register again, even for operations in the specific category. UAS operators need to register themselves in the Member State where they have their residence for natural persons or where they have their principal place of business for legal persons. Third country operators that do not have their principal place of business in an EASA Member State need to register in the first EASA Member State in which they perform an operation.

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